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From Christophe JAILLET <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.4 adoption
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2013 08:05:19 GMT
Le 05/02/2013 23:44, William A. Rowe Jr. a écrit :
> I've found the following data summary very useful in terms of
> drill-down capability;
> while their breakdown/segmentation tabulations provide some
> interesting data such as;
I first thought that not providing windows binaries could be an 
explanation. The link above clearly show that I'm wrong.

Anyway, just my 2 cents:

     - providing packages, as already discussed in the list
==> would ease distro update or end user installation

     - providing windows binaries or at least providing a link where 
they can be found ( ?)
==> could help people do some testing or set up small web servers within 
companies. I think that many companies are running such servers for 
there own use, and that they can not be measured by the links above or 
by netcraft.

     - when I google to find some doc on parameters or so in apache, I 
arrive most on the time on the 2.2 documentation on Could 
these 'old' pages state that the 2.4 serie is available
==> would encourage users to update

     - could it be useful to have in apache an automatic check for the 
availability of a newer version ?
         - it could be logged in errorLog or could send an email to the 
server administrator to encourage him to upgrade
         - maybe just a line in mod_status
==> would encourage administrators of small server to upgrade. IMO, 
wouldn't have an impact on larger companies which should already keep an 
eye on bug fix releases or new major version

     - I've read in the list that one of the reason could be the lack of 
support for some modules in 2.4. Could it be useful to have a module 
that would harvest some data in oder to let the apache community know 
which modules are really in use ? A kind of mod_feeback that would send 
conf file or parts of it to an server ?
==> better knowing what is used, would help to see what is missing or 
what should be cared at
==> could be linked to to define a kind of module 
popularity on running systems
==> ... but would require time to analyze

     - providing some benchmarks that compare 2.2 and 2.4 to show the 
speed impact of using mod_event or other new functionalities. To show 
the evolution of memory requirement.
==> would provide figures explaining why it worse upgrading

     - add some new functionalities
==> automatic crash report ?
==> provide a GUI for conf file management ?
==> allow errorlog to be stored within a database to potentially ease 
research within log ?

Hope that some ideas are interesting.


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