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From "Mikhail T." <>
Subject Re: Can a module find out, whether another module is present?
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2013 22:30:13 GMT
On 05.02.2013 17:14, Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> In the next version of mod_wsgi though I am dropping support for coexistence. 
> I want to flag that fact with a big error message and refuse to start up if 
> both loaded.
I'm not sure, how Python-users will react, but, as a Tcl-user, I'd hate to be 
forced to choose one of the two modules. I'm hosting to completely unrelated 
vhosts, which use the two Tcl-using modules.

On 05.02.2013 17:20, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> module *modp;
> for (modp = ap_top_module; modp; modp = modp->next) {
>    foo(modp->name);
> }
Cool! I thought of relying on the fact, that server_rec's module_config is a an 
array of module-pointers, but the above seems more reliable. Thank you!


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