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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: Apache 2.4 adoption
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 21:09:44 GMT
On Wednesday 06 February 2013, wrote:
> How many Linux distros ship httpd 2.4?
> Fedora 18 is their first release to include httpd 2.4.  Since
> Fedora is often an early adopter of new releases, I expect 2.4
> hasn't trickled down to other distributions yet, e.g. RHEL,
> CentOS.
> It looks like 2.4 has only got as for as Debian experimental:

The major blocker for Debian was also the missing mod_perl. But the 
2.4 release also happened at a somewhat unfortunate point of time in 
the Debian release cycle, so that it would have been a tight race to 
get 2.4 in shape in time for Debian 7.0. But right now Debian is 
frozen due to the (hopefully soon) release and no major changes are 
made in the unstable or testing branches.

And since Ubuntu and all other derivative distributitions pull their 
packages from one of these two branches from Debian, none of them is 
getting 2.4 before Debian has released 7.0. At least not unless they 
invest significant time themselves to do the packaging and testing.

> Ubuntu haven't adopted it yet:
> Of course the next question could be why have distros not adopted
> 2.4, is it just a matter of time or are there other factors?

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