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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: [Discuss] mod_lua and database connectivity
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2013 15:23:16 GMT
On Sun, 6 Jan 2013, Daniel Gruno wrote:
> Now I just have to take a good look at how to rewrite the prepared
> statement stuff, and I believe I'll have a decent proposal ready for
> commit :)

I am a bit late in the discussion, but maybe you also want to support 
using statements that have been prepared with DBDPrepareSQL from mod_dbd?

Other important things (but I think these have already been pointed out):

- don't let lua scripts open connections, instead make them aquire 
connections from mod_dbd's connection pool.

- use parametrized prepared statements in all examples and make that as 
easy to use as possible. Don't show any examples that put parameters 
directly into the statement strings.

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