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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Balancer persist and inherit stuff in trunk
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2013 16:52:48 GMT
We could, but it's not my personal pref as RM...
After all, ApacheCon will be here before we know
it :/

FWIW, I see the this dynamic nature of 2.4 as much
as a killer feature as the increased performance
as related to "comparisons" between httpd and other
web-servers out there, including the fanboys latest
flavor. Hence my desire to try to have this in
asap, so I can re-dive into the optimized event/simple-
MPM hybrid I was working on, which itself I hope to
have done by ACNA2013.

On Jan 6, 2013, at 10:26 AM, Stefan Fritsch <> wrote:

> On Sat, 5 Jan 2013, Jim Jagielski wrote:
>> I haven't created the patch yet... it seems backwards
>> to generate a backport patchset unless what is currently
>> in trunk is OK. There were some suggestions for improvement
>> made regarding the 2.4 backport that ideally would have
>> been noted and addressed in trunk first. I just want to
>> avoid another go-around ;)
> Would it be an option to let the changes sit in trunk for a while longer and not include
them in 2.4.4? We could still aim for a 2.4.5 not too long after, e.g. before ApacheCon.

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