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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject [Result] [Vote] Overhaul
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2013 13:25:09 GMT
With the clock passing 13:20 GMT, the voting has ended, and been
tallied. There was some concern about the DNS solution in the proposal,
which has been adjusted to a subdirectory instead (and all URLs on the
old site has been adjusted to use relative hrefs), and with no
objections to that, the votes are as follows:

+1: 15(13) - humbedooh, trawick, rpluem, jim, niq, fuankg, gsmith,
             rbowen, minfrin, rjung, sfritsch, covener, fielding,
             gmcdonald (ex officio, non-binding in this case),
             matsumoto (non-binding)
 0:          none
-1:          none

And thus, I am pleased to say the vote passes. I will begin prepping bil
(the machine on which all of this runs) for the new site and piggyback
the old site onto the new one. I will also send out an email to module
maintainers, informing them of the new site, once it's up and running
well. I will also start a thread on to get
some suggestions and reviews coming in at a steady pace.

Thanks for your votes and support, and I hope to see you enjoying the
new site!

With regards,
Daniel, on behalf of the team behind the new site.

PS: We are now 4 people working on the site, but if anyone else would
like to volunteer, we can always use an extra helping hand.

Proposal (for record keeping's sake)
1) Move the current to
2) Create a link on both and linking to each other.
3) Replace with the new modules site, currently
available at and also available in svn for
4) Start afresh with a new, empty database on and
have retain the old database.
5) Contact all authors who have created or modified a module on the site
within the last 2 years (this is 59 authors), and inform them of the new
site, encouraging them to resubmit their modules.
6) Allow to fetch DOAP files for projects, placed
anywhere on the Internet, thus acting as an aggregator of publicly
available information.

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