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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Time to rewrite/rethink
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2013 10:24:31 GMT
Okay, some final things before I start flinging vote messages about:

- DOAP files will, for the time being, only be possible for Apache
committers putting their DOAP files into This is due
to a very strict firewall policy by Infrastructure, to which I agree. I
will look into ways of solving this issue, so we can hopefully, at one
point, have everyone using DOAP.

- The old modules.a.o archive will move to,
where it will live happily ever after, or until we decide to scrap it

- Authors that have created or updated a module within the last two
years will be notified that there is a new site, and encouraged to
submit their modules to this site.

- We are, as always, looking for volunteers!! If you'd like to help out
managing the site, please do speak up. We will be
possibly adding some LDAP tie-ins later, making Apache committers
moderators by default, but that is for another thread to discuss in.
Currently, we will be only allowing Apache committers to apply as
moderators, but we will be having a discussion about that in the other
thread I'll start.

- As said, I will be posting two threads, one voting thread and one
discussion thread about feature requests and such for the site.

That is all - at sunrise, look to the east...or look to the mailing list
(tilt your screen to the west, please, it makes for a more dramatic

With regards,

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