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From Helmut Tessarek <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Time to rewrite/rethink
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 20:26:29 GMT
On 24.01.13 14:58 , Daniel Gruno wrote:
> so it's a trade-off between simplicity and complexity. 
> For me, the browse feature should just be a
> fast way to see the most popular modules in each respective category,
> not in any way a complex tool for searching, as the search feature does
> that just fine.

I agree. As I said I just wanted to mention it, since it stuck out as an
But you have already put a lot of thought into it...

When giving feedback I usually reverse the situation. e.g. what would help me
and/or what would trigger a certain thought process or response.
Mission acomplished. :-)

> Ideas are always welcome, in fact the entire web site is available in
> Subversion for those interested, But as I said earlier, perhaps that's
> better suited for another thread (I'll be sure to post such a thread
> once we actually start migrating). I believe we can both implement and
> improve the new system at the same time, one thing doesn't have to put a
> stop to the other.

As soon as the new site is online, I'll look out for a new thread or send you
an email.


regards Helmut K. C. Tessarek
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   Thou shalt not follow the NULL pointer for chaos and madness
   await thee at its end.

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