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From "Mikhail T." <>
Subject Use of global balancer inside a vhost (Re: [Bug 54319] New: ProxyPass has no effect in <Location> if rewrite occurs)
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2013 16:17:47 GMT
On 02.01.2013 08:28, Eric Covener wrote:
> If mod_rewrite or your own custom module just changes the URI in place
> after the configuration has been determined, it doesn't change the
> per-request configuration.
> mod_proxy in 2.2 doesn't properly use per-request configuration, and
> crawls through every ProxyPass every time.
> Your module could send an internal redirect if it wanted the
> per-request configuration to reflect the new URL.
I wonder, if this is the reason, I could not refer to the globally-defined 
mod_proxy balancer from a vhost's set of mod_rewrite rules (with the P-flag 

    <Proxy balancer80://mycluster>
             BalancerMember http://backend:80
    <VirtualHost *:80>
         RewriteRule     .*    balancer80://mycluster/%2

I ended up hard-coding the back-end for the time being, but do not like it, 
obviously, because in some cases we'd like to have multiple balancer-members:

    RewriteRule     .* http://backend/%2 [DPI,P,QSA]

Are global balancer-definitions supposed to be usable by rewriterules inside 
vhosts?Thanks! Yours,


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