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From Pavel Mateja <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Proxy CONNECT HTTP version
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2013 10:41:10 GMT
> Hi!
> I have two debian servers - one squeeze and one wheezy - with different
> versions of wget - 1.12-2.1 and 1.13.4-3 and proxy server with apache
> 2.4.3. I'm trying to set https_proxy and wget some pages via https.
> Old wget is working just fine but the new one is reporting:
> "Proxy tunneling failed: Bad Request Unable to establish SSL connection."
> Wget debug output says there is one major difference. New wget is trying to
> do "CONNECT .. HTTP/1.1". The old working one uses just HTTP/1.0.
> Has anybody seen something similar?

Hi again.
I've checked the code and problem is with wget which sends HTTP/1.1 without 
Host header which is required by apache. Comment from server/protocol.c:
 * Client sent us an HTTP/1.1 or later request without telling us the
 * hostname, either with a full URL or a Host: header. We therefore
 * need to (as per the 1.1 spec) send an error.  As a special case,
 * HTTP/1.1 mentions twice (S9, S14.23) that a request MUST contain
 * a Host: header, and the server MUST respond with 400 if it doesn't.

The wget package will be in next stable debian which sux because all CONNECT 
requests thru apache will fail.

I just compiled wget from git (1.14.31-3be7) and the bug is still there.

Any idea what to do?
Should somebody fill bug for debian and wget or should we ignore that RFC 
Pavel Mateja

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