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From André Malo>
Subject Re: [Result] [Vote] Overhaul
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2013 13:35:53 GMT
Oh, a vote deep in the middle of a discussion thread :-(


On Monday 28 January 2013 14:25:09 Daniel Gruno wrote:
> With the clock passing 13:20 GMT, the voting has ended, and been
> tallied. There was some concern about the DNS solution in the proposal,
> which has been adjusted to a subdirectory instead (and all URLs on the
> old site has been adjusted to use relative hrefs), and with no
> objections to that, the votes are as follows:
> +1: 15(13) - humbedooh, trawick, rpluem, jim, niq, fuankg, gsmith,
>              rbowen, minfrin, rjung, sfritsch, covener, fielding,
>              gmcdonald (ex officio, non-binding in this case),
>              matsumoto (non-binding)
>  0:          none
> -1:          none
> And thus, I am pleased to say the vote passes. I will begin prepping bil
> (the machine on which all of this runs) for the new site and piggyback
> the old site onto the new one. I will also send out an email to module
> maintainers, informing them of the new site, once it's up and running
> well. I will also start a thread on to get
> some suggestions and reviews coming in at a steady pace.
> Thanks for your votes and support, and I hope to see you enjoying the
> new site!
> With regards,
> Daniel, on behalf of the team behind the new site.
> PS: We are now 4 people working on the site, but if anyone else would
> like to volunteer, we can always use an extra helping hand.
> ------------------------------------
> Proposal (for record keeping's sake)
> ------------------------------------
> 1) Move the current to
> 2) Create a link on both and
> linking to each other.
> 3) Replace with the new modules site, currently
> available at and also available in svn for
> review.
> 4) Start afresh with a new, empty database on and
> have retain the old database.
> 5) Contact all authors who have created or modified a module on the site
> within the last 2 years (this is 59 authors), and inform them of the new
> site, encouraging them to resubmit their modules.
> 6) Allow to fetch DOAP files for projects, placed
> anywhere on the Internet, thus acting as an aggregator of publicly
> available information.

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