My name is Paul. I'm a (very junior) sysadmin by trade, but I know the basics of C and I'm hoping to be able to contribute something to this esteemed project.

For a server infrastructure I've been working on for a personal project, I've been using mod_proxy_fcgi. Today I went and changed line 578 of mod_proxy_fcgi.c to increase the hardcoded fallback timeout there to fix some issues I've been having. I'm not currently aware of any configuration option I could have changed to resolve my timing out issues, but I haven't spent much time on this yet.

I'm hoping to submit some patches relating to timeouts, because I've heard that they could use some work to make them more manageable. For instance in the documentation it shows a bunch of timeouts that can only be configured through the core timeout directive (

Here are some of my goals:
1. Move fallback timeouts represented as magic numbers to compile time flags with defaults.
2. Graph the different timeouts, so it's possible to visually see what timeouts fall back to what. Hopefully add this graph to the documentation.
3. Where possible. Give modules such as mod_cgi or mod_proxy_fcgi their own timeout values, rather than those timeouts only being configurable through more general timeouts.
4. Tweak logging of timeouts, so it's more clear what timed out. Maybe as a start mention the length of the timeout in the log entry of the timeout.

I'm hoping these goals align with these goals of the httpd development community, and that I'm able to submit useful patches. It's an honor to meet you folks.