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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Balancer Persist testing
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 12:39:16 GMT

On Dec 14, 2012, at 7:10 AM, Rainer Jung <> wrote:
> - The "Used" count in balancer manager drops to "0" after restart/reboot
> with persist on. It seems the slot management is not completely right.
> Not yet further investigated.

This is intentional actually. The configs are maintained, but
the stats are not, since we must start the "counting" from
scratch since the config has changed.
> - A warning might be needed about mixing changes via balancer manager
> and via config:
>  - If changing the path for a balancer in config while persist is on
>    and then restarting, the balancer manager shows the old path
>    from the persisted shm, but it seems the new one from the
>    config is in effect.
>  - E.g. setting a member state to stopped in config and again doing
>    a persist restart, the old state from shm wins and the change in
>    config is ignored.

> So it seems before applying changes to the config one should always
> backport all changes applied via the manager (not trivial, because you'd
> have to check all displayed values against the configured ones), then
> stop, then remove the *.persist files, apply config changes and start again.
> - Switching persistence from on to off in config and then doing a
> restart keeps the old .persist files around. They are ignored during the
> startup as expected, but next time you'll switch back to persist on, the
> outdated .persist file will again be loaded.

Yeah, good point...

> - "Elected" display in balancer manager survives restart, whereas
>  "To" and "From" (byte counts) do not.

Again intentional.

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