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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: Greetings. I'm hoping I can help patch some things.
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 21:30:32 GMT
Hi Paul,

On Sunday 02 December 2012, Paul Dejean wrote:
> I'm hoping to submit some patches relating to timeouts, because
> I've heard that they could use some work to make them more
> manageable. For instance in the documentation it shows a bunch of
> timeouts that can only be configured through the core timeout
> directive (
> Here are some of my goals:
> 1. Move fallback timeouts represented as magic numbers to compile
> time flags with defaults.
> 2. Graph the different timeouts, so it's possible to visually see
> what timeouts fall back to what. Hopefully add this graph to the
> documentation.
> 3. Where possible. Give modules such as mod_cgi or
> mod_proxy_fcgi their own timeout values, rather than those
> timeouts only being configurable through more general timeouts.
> 4. Tweak logging of timeouts, so it's more clear what timed out.
> Maybe as a start mention the length of the timeout in the log
> entry of the timeout.
> I'm hoping these goals align with these goals of the httpd
> development community, and that I'm able to submit useful patches.
> It's an honor to meet you folks.

such contributions would be wellcome. AFAIR, a separate cgi timeout is 
a longstanding feature request. I am not sure that 4. is possible in 
all cases, but even if we only improve logging for some cases, that 
would be a win.


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