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From (Karl Pflästerer)
Subject mod_lua authen/authz
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2012 21:47:37 GMT
I'm not sure if this is the right list; if not just tell me where to ask
my question.

I wanted to use mod_lua to replace a custom authen/authz handler (at the
moment written with mod_perl) with a lua handler (since mod_perl and
httpd2.4 do not work at the moment).

I used the examples here and
here but had no luck
with the authen part.

The authz part works
  LuaAuthzProvider foo authz.lua authz_check_foo
The function authz_check_foo gets called.

But how do I write the config so that for the authentication also a lua
function gets called?
  LuaHookAuthChecker foo.lua  check_auth early
does nothing.

Basically I want the same as with this configuration (for mod_perl):

<LocationMatch "/admin/">
  AuthName Admin-XXX
  AuthType Basic
  Require Group1 Group2
  PerlAuthenHandler DFV::Authen
  PerlAuthzHandler  DFV::Authen

That handler checks if the user has the right password and is in at
least one of the required groups.


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