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From John M <>
Subject New feature request for balancer-manager: command line usage
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2012 19:12:10 GMT

I have a new feature request for the balancer-manager: the ability to
enable or disable servers in the balancer using the command line,
instead of using the only way that exists that I know of: the
balancer-manager webpage.  The use case for this would be the creation
of a shell script that could call such a command-prompt command, as
part of an automated hot-deploy or continuous deployment architecture.
I don't know anything about the httpd source and don't know if this
would have to be part of a new executable if not an addition to httpd
or apacectl....what does everyone / anyone think?  This is my first
time emailing this group: for this request to be considered, do I need
to create an item in Bugzilla?
I could also think about trying to implement this sort of thing myself
and submitting it as a patch, but I could very much use guidance
towards what to create / modify and where it would go in the

John M

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