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From Kaspar Brand <>
Subject Re: mod_ssl and pkg-config on AIX (Re: [Vote] httpd 2.2.23 release)
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2012 05:11:32 GMT
On 02.09.2012 14:04, Michael Felt wrote:
> The simple part first. AIX has a default install of openssl.
> -- however, the name of the library is libssl.a - see attachment for a
> filelist of what is included in openssl.base

Ok, this also shows that the AIX package does not include a pkg-config
file for OpenSSL ("openssl.pc"). There's nothing wrong with that, as
long as AIX does not come with a bundled version of pkg-config, there's
no strong argument to provide this file in the openssl.base package.

> running the pkg-config command by hand (not the newest version (0.25), so I
> will try updating that asap it gives the same error. I could not find a
> pkg-config command to tell me it's default search path - maybe it is not
> looking in /usr/include/openssh.

By default it's looking for openssl.pc in the directories
/usr/lib/pkgconfig or /usr/share/pkgconfig (or whatever was specified
for libdir and datadir when pkg-config was compiled).

> Thanks for the reply - I'll update pkg-config and see it that helps.

This won't change anything, I guess. As mentioned before, what you're
seeing is pretty much the expected behavior (the stderr output could
also be silenced by adding --silence-errors to the first $PKGCONFIG
command in acinclude.m4/configure).


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