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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Additional core functions for mod_lua
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 11:40:22 GMT
Hi dev@,
I've gotten my paws all over mod_lua as of late, trying to find ways to
expand the module to be more useful. In doing so, I have created a small
library which binds several httpd core functions (and some from apr) to
Lua, so as to both gain more control over httpd via mod_lua as well as
gain access to some of the many useful components included in our server
by default.

The library, and its reference docs can be found at and while it's easy to just
compile it and thus use its functions, I was thinking maybe we should
include some of them as core functions in mod_lua itself. Specifically,
I am leaning towards functions such as the flush function (for flushing
the output buffer) and possibly either the base64 encode/decode
functions or the get_basic_auth_pw function, so mod_lua has access to
both username and password in its auth hooks without having to reinvent
the wheel. This would also make it easier to write example scripts for
many of our hooks.

Other functions might be useful to include as well, so if any of you
have some free time to explore the reference document, please have a
look at the possibilities, and if you spot something you think would be
useful as a core function, please reply and let me know.

For an example of what you _could_ do with mod_lua, I have used this
library to recreate mod_status in Lua, at

Other possibilities like making a Lua version of mod_vhost_alias (which
could be expanded upon and do complex logic) also exist, but they don't
show very well since they run in the background

With regards,

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