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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: Limitations of mod_dbd - single server per vhost
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 08:25:37 GMT
On 21 Aug 2012, at 20:27, Mikhail T. wrote:

> From reading the module's documentation, it seems, a single vhost can only use one DB-server
(and only with one set of credentials): only a single DBDriver and DBDParams is possible,
for example.

That is by design: it is expected to meet most needs.
If you wants more generality, go ahead and hack it.

> Also, the syntax of mod_rewrite's dbd/fastdbd maps doesn't even allow to specify the

Indeed, dbd support in rewritemap was only ever a quick hack.
Some of us think mod_rewrite is long overdue retirement.

> implying, once again, there can only be one in a given context (entire server or virtual
host). The missing capability could be useful to someone, who would want, for example, to
check a local SQLite-database for data and, failing to find anything, attempt a query against
a remote MySQL or Sybase server. Other enterprises may want to talk to multiple remote servers
(potentially using different drivers).

Well, you could hack it into mod_rewrite, but isn't that traveling
further down the road of using mod_rewrite as a pseudo-
programming language?  The provision of <If "expr"> syntax
and of mod_lua is supposed to give you better tools than
single-IF (RewriteCond) and GOTO (RewriteRule).

Also bear in mind that without a query cacheing regime comparable
to what mod_authn_socache provides for authentication, that kind
of complexity would most likely mean rather a steep overhead.

> I would've filed an enhancement-request,

Feel free to file an enhancement request.  Feel free to submit a patch.

Nick Kew
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