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From Christophe JAILLET <>
Subject mod_cgid and accept
Date Sun, 15 Jul 2012 10:04:57 GMT

looking around for static analysis tools, I arrived on a commercial 
software that states that is has already found some mistakes in httpd.

Reading it, I noticed one of their example found in libhttpd. This 
example was against return value from 'accept'.

I looked in httpd for similar construction, and found one in 
    sd2 = accept(sd, (struct sockaddr *)&unix_addr, &len);
    if (sd2 < 0) {

According to (search in the page for 
libhttpd to see their explanation), return value of 'accept' should not 
be tested for negative values, at least on windows.

I don't know if it is really an issue or not, I just wanted to point it 
out in case of interest for a httpd/socket/windows guru.

Is there any chance for 
( to be related 
to it ?

Best regards,
Christophe Jaillet

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