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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject LuaSet: good or terrible idea?
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2012 17:27:45 GMT
Dear dev@,
I've been looking into mod_lua for some time now, and have created an
external library with lot of functions that make use of the AP/APR C API
(such as ap_expr calls, scoreboard reading, sha1/md5/b64 functions, dbd
and sendfile support etc). While doing so, I've also thought about how
to improve mod_lua itself, but I now find myself doubting my own
reasoning for committing a directive to the code.

The directive would/could be called LuaSet, and would set a variable
that is only accessible through Lua, much like mod_perl has PerlSetVar,
and mod_php has...whatever it has. The idea was that you could do
something like:

LuaSet foo on
<Location /nothere>
  LuaSet foo off

and then retrieve that value inside your Lua scripts using something
like r:parseenv() to get a table of Lua-specific values that applied to
that scope.

However, this could also be managed by using SetEnv or SetEnvIf (if you
hook something real early) and then fetched through r.subprocess_env. So
the question is; Should I bother committing this directive, or is it
just a redundant function?

On the plus side, it makes it easy in the configuration to spot Lua
specific values and ensures that it doesn't clash with other env
variables that might have been set, and on the other hand, one could
just do something like SetEnv Lua_foo on.

So what say you, is it a good or a terribly redundant idea?

With regards,

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