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From Arwin <>
Subject [BUG] PROPPATCH delete (svn propdel) errors not returned
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2012 12:41:35 GMT
Hi All,

I've filed Bug 53525 
<> in the ASF 


On failure to execute a PROPPATCH to remove a property, the error is not returned to the caller.

A comment in the code says:

<code snippet>

1044: /*
1045: ** Delete the property. Ignore errors -- the property is there, or
1046: ** we are deleting it for a second time.
1047: */
1048: /* ### but what about other errors? */
1049: (void) (*propdb->db_hooks->remove)(propdb->db, &name);

</code snippet>

In subversion, property deletions are subject to authorization, and hook script execution.

In the current state of things, regardless of the outcome of the PROPPATCH, the client receives
a 2xx class response. I suggest the attached patch to fix this.


Arwin Arni

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