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From Nick Edwards <>
Subject Re: md5crypt passwords
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2012 00:59:08 GMT
Hi Stefan,

On 6/21/12, Stefan Fritsch <> wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Jun 2012, Nick Edwards wrote:
>> I posted this to users list last week but no-one bit, so I'm trying here.
>> With md5crypt no longer recommended for use by its author, will Apache
>> soon support sha256/sha512 in basic authentication via MySQL.
> Note that it does not really matter that much which hash algorithm is
> used. The number of rounds is more important. APR-MD5 ("$apr1$") does 1000
> times recursive md5 (which is 1000 times more secure in terms of brute
> forcing than plain md5). We should switch to something that needs more
> processing time so that it is more difficult to brute force.
>> I understand the apr version is different to plain md5crypt, but it is
>> based on the same thing from what I can tell, so its pointless
>> upgrading our database passwords to use sha512 if Apache's still the
>> weak link.
>> All admin scripts run in perl, and we are currently doing this with
>> apache_md5_crypt($password); using Crypt::PasswdMD5
>> For Mail and FTP, we are _now_ successfully using  crypt($password,
>> '$6$' . $16charsalt) for sha512, be nice if Apache basic auth would
>> too!
> APR passes everything it doesn't know to the system's crypt() function. So
> chances are good that using $6$... already works for you. However, there
> is currently no way to create such hashes with htpasswd.

Thanks, it does work, I did not realise this, because some time ago I
tried to use our default md5cryprt password used for ftp and mail, but
Apache did not like it, after much googling I found reference saying
it was different and needed apr1, if it falls back why would that have
failed for us? or is this fallback only something new?

> I would be for importing some state of the art scheme from some BSD. Good
> schemes allow to change the number of rounds without loosing backward
> compatibility. I guess bcrypt is a candidate. This new algorithm should
> then be the new default.

Don't know much about bcrypt sorry.

Thanks again for your help, all is now happy

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