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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: [Result] Re: [Vote] Add commentary system to httpd docs
Date Sun, 20 May 2012 12:47:29 GMT
Sending to docs@ as well, as this applies to that list too.
Grumpiness may occur, so apologies in advance.

On 05/19/2012 09:32 AM, Kaspar Brand wrote:
> Looking at the call for votes [retained below for reference] and at the
> votes, I'm not sure if the +1 voters were aware of the specific
> "mechanics" of the Disqus comment system which is now embedded into all
> HTML below [1], however.
The vote did refer to a proposal on the apache wiki that specifically
mentioned Disqus as the method of choice. If people were unaware of how
Disqus operates then, frankly and with respect, they should aim to work
with due diligence or ask questions before voting. It should be a well
known fact that using third party tools will eventually result in
visitor tracking occurring one way or another. If people would rather
see us use a comment system developed and housed by Apache, then I'm
sure we can figure something out, but it requires that people say so.
> Effectively, using Disqus means that even visiting an "innocent" page
> like will already result
> in all sorts of "drive-by" tracking requests [2], among them Google
> Analytics (pulled in via
> Based on the fact that there's currently no privacy policy for
> - which would make visitors aware of being tracked (and
> link to both the Disqus privacy policy [3] and the GA privacy policy
> [4]) - I believe that the vote should be repeated, with being recast to:
>   [+/-1] Add the Disqus commentary system to the trunk documentation.
Meh, it makes me a sad panda that we have to discuss this once again,
but you may have a point here. I suppose it would be in the Apache
spirit to keep our intentions as open as possible, which merits a
privacy policy. I have already written up a draft for such a policy, and
included the GA and Disqus techs used in the proposed comment system and
analytics for the docs. It can be found at . It is loosely based on the
policies that are in place for other Apache projects such as Lucene and
Directory (which also makes use of GA on their sites).

This will effectively make for two (or three) new votes for adopting
each piece:

- Adopt a privacy policy for the docs and refer to the various tracking
methods used as they get implemented - see the draft at

- Implement the Disqus commentary system for the docs - see the proposal

- Implement visitor tracking for the docs so we can improve on them -
see proposal at

I'll let this sink in for a few days, and then I will propose a vote for
each segment in the order displayed above. If any of you have comments,
suggestions, critique, anything, I urge you to please step forward and
say so. I dislike the illusion of consensus just because people can't be
bothered speaking up until something is actually committed to the
> As an interim measure, I also think it would be wise to revert the
> changes applied in r1335029/r1335773, for the time being.
We have already voted on adding _a_ commentary system to the
documentation, so I'm not going to revert all the blood, sweat and tears
that went into integrating a comment section in the docs, but what I can
and will is add a JavaScript hack to disable the Disqus commentary
system itself while we get this sorted out. Regardless of which method
of commenting we eventually settle on, it will still require the same
basic structure as is defined at the moment, so I see no point in
scrapping all of it, just to reinstate it again.

With regards,

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