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From Kaspar Brand <>
Subject Re: [Result] Re: [Vote] Add commentary system to httpd docs
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 07:32:21 GMT
On 07.05.2012 16:02, Daniel Gruno wrote:
> With an impressive 8 x +1 binding votes and no -1's, as well as +2 from
> other docs@ readers, I believe we can call this vote passed with flying
> colors :).

Apologies for being late with this, but the specifics of the currently
used implementation (Disqus) only caught my attention after the Google
Analytics "trial" this week.

I very much appreciate the recent work on improving the docs and would
by no means want to dampen that enthusiasm. Adding a commentary system
also seems like a completely reasonable step to me (provided that the
comments are moderated before appearing on the site).

Looking at the call for votes [retained below for reference] and at the
votes, I'm not sure if the +1 voters were aware of the specific
"mechanics" of the Disqus comment system which is now embedded into all
HTML below [1], however.

Effectively, using Disqus means that even visiting an "innocent" page
like will already result
in all sorts of "drive-by" tracking requests [2], among them Google
Analytics (pulled in via

Based on the fact that there's currently no privacy policy for - which would make visitors aware of being tracked (and
link to both the Disqus privacy policy [3] and the GA privacy policy
[4]) - I believe that the vote should be repeated, with being recast to:

  [+/-1] Add the Disqus commentary system to the trunk documentation.

As an interim measure, I also think it would be wise to revert the
changes applied in r1335029/r1335773, for the time being.



[2] URI host names:,,,,,

[3] (which states, inter alia: "This
    Privacy Policy was first published and made effective on May 9,
    2012" - which makes you wonder what they had in place before that


> On 04-05-2012 15:58, Daniel Gruno wrote:
>> I'll be a bad boy and top-post on this reply, as well as add dev@ to the
>> list of recipients.
>> In docs@, we have been discussing the possibility of adding comments to
>> the various pages in our documentation. As the discussion has
>> progressed, we have settled on the idea of trying out Disqus as a
>> commentary system for the documentation, and I have authored a proposal
>> on the practical implementation of this.
>> As this is a rather large change to the documentation (if passed), Eric
>> Covener advised me to notify both mailing lists as well as give a bit
>> more information on how exactly this will work and why we felt it was a
>> good idea to try out a commenting system. That information is located at
>> We have, to give it a test spin, rolled out these proposed changed to
>> the rewrite section of the trunk documentation,
>> (do note that the
>> mod_rewrite reference document is NOT a part of this test), and we'd
>> very much like you to review these changes and let us know what you
>> think of this solution. If everybody is happy about it, we can try to
>> roll it out on a bit more pages, and see how it is received by the
>> general population.
>> So, I am calling a vote on whether or not to proceed with rolling out
>> this test to a portion of our trunk documentation for further testing.
>> [+/-1] Add commentary system to the trunk documentation.
>> With regards,
>> Daniel.

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