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From Reindl Harald <>
Subject Re: utf-8 -> punycode for ServerName|Alias?
Date Sat, 07 Apr 2012 09:00:16 GMT

Am 07.04.2012 08:33, schrieb William A. Rowe Jr.:
> So we have live registrars, no longer "experimental", who are now
> registering domains in punycode.  Make of it what you will.
> Do we want to recognize non-ASCII strings in the ServerName|Alias
> directives as utf-8 -> punycode encodings?  Internally, from the
> time the servername field is assigned, it can be an ascii mapping.
> All thoughts appreciated, particularly references to fresh specs,
> implementation guidance and compatible clients.

serverconfigs -> punnycode
dns in background -> punnycode

self written backends -> input UTF8, transparent translation
while generating serverconfigs and translate back for display

nothing other happens if you make "nslookup wü"
there is no "ü" in any configuration nor in EPP/DRI nor
in any postfix/dbmail/dovecot configuration

[harry@srv-rhsoft:~]$ nslookup wü
Name:   wü

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