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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject packaging libapreq2 as a dependency
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 02:12:39 GMT
Now that some time has passed since Philip brought
apreq2 into trunk it's probably a good time to discuss
how best to incorporate it into httpd itself.  Right
now the library files are in server/ which basically
means we're internally compiling libapreq2 into httpd.

Personally I'd prefer to see libapreq2 bundled as an
upstream dependency, ie put the library into an associated
deps package or just something in srclib/ so it will
provide an independent library file (static, dynamic, or both)
so all users including httpd can link to that object. The

apreq devs spent a considerable amount of time writing
the apreq module api so people could use apreq in any
C context- within an httpd module, a CGI script, or an
fcgi daemon.  It'd be nice to preserve that flexibility
going forward.

Anyway I'm certainly willing to work on libapreq's build system
so it will not be dependent on apxs- it should be really easy
to do given that we just need apxs in a very limited way (basically
to get at the apr-*-config package scripts), I
just need to make the apache2 module build optional so just
the library gets built.  That would entail pulling the apreq
source files out of server/ and just leaving the apreq2
filter module as part of httpd's build system.

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