On Mar 1, 2012, at 4:02 PM, Greg Stein wrote:

Modules do not have to be tested *before* they appear in trunk. That's
putting the cart before the horse. Part of the development process
(while in trunk) is doing the testing portion. And hey... if it never
gets tested, then it gets marked as "experimental" and we all move on.

This is why I'm not understanding why this particular module (or set of modules) is getting this level of debate and scrutiny. We're talking about adding them to trunk, not in a release. Presumably we wouldn't put them in a release if there was a problem with them.

I've often thought that modules like, say, mod_ftp, would have a much greater chance of being successful if they were in trunk rather than it being several additional steps to obtain.

I'm +1 to having this in trunk, but am voting based on the community aspects, rather than the technical ones. I figure the technical aspects will work themselves out in trunk ... or they won't, and we'll drop it from a release branch.

Rich Bowen
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