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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: versus docs and defaults
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 12:22:30 GMT

On Mar 28, 2012, at 1:34 PM, Daniel Gruno wrote:

> Being a new committer and, basically, just a documentation committer, I feel that I must
bring this before the dev@ list before proceeding any further. There appears to be a mismatch
between the mpm defaults in the configuration and the documentation surrounding it as well
as the header definitions. An example is the worker and event mpm, where the configuration
defines them so:
>  StartServers             2
>  MinSpareThreads         25
>  MaxSpareThreads         75
>  ThreadsPerChild         25
>  MaxRequestWorkers      150
> However, in both the documentation and the headers, these values can be read or calculated
>  StartServers             3
>  MinSpareThreads         75
>  MaxSpareThreads        250
>  ThreadsPerChild         25
>  MaxRequestWorkers      400
> From what I can gather with my IRC chats with Igor Galic, this has been discussed quite
a while back, and the consensus was to adopt these new values as default, but somehow it did
not make it to the file.
> I have been asked to change the values in the file, but I'm very unsure if it
is merited, so I therefor ask you, oh great people of the dev@ list, to give me an answer
as to whether these new values should be adopted or not. The current stance we have taken
in discussions regarding these values is that there is a difference between default configuration
value and the default values hard-coded into the server, but it can seem a bit silly to use
that explanation at times.

My opinion on this is that the default shipped configuration file should match the in-code
default values.

Some of the out-of-sync default config file values are historic, others are simply errors.
In either case, they should be brought into sync with the built-in defaults.

So, yeah, do it.

--Rich (One voice among many)

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