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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: /bin/sh: ./gen_test_char: cannot execute binary file
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2012 11:01:25 GMT
Hi Henrik,
Am 16.03.2012 15:07, schrieb Henrik Strand:
> This error has been around for 10 years or so, but I could not find an
> error report on this issue so I created one (in May, 2011):
> There exists an old (2003-08-13) patch
> ( for this
> error but I do not think that it was integrated.
> Another patch
> (
has recently been integrated to simplify cross-compilation. However, this patch does not solve
the gen_test_char cross-compiling issue.
> A known workaround is to:
> 1. Cross-compile and wait for the build to fail.
> 2. Compile for build system and copy the gen_test_char binary to the
> cross-compiled build folder
> 3. Run make a second time for the cross-compiled system
> However, since I'm about to automate the build process this workaround
> is not sufficient for me.
this step with another 3 rounds of configure (APR, APU, httpd) + 
compilation of APR/APU isnt really necessary;
instead just compile gen_test_char.c 1st with something like:
gcc -Wall -O2 -DCROSS_COMPILE gen_test_char.c -s -o gen_test_char
then run it and put its output into the include folder (or where its 
placed normaly);
I believe you can then make it with only one go + automatically ...

> It seems strange that this error has been around for so long time so I'm
> wondering if the Httpd build system does include some way to generate a
> correct gen_test_char file when cross-compiling?
nope; in order to make it the clean way we would need to have an --host 
option to configure ...
I looked at the old 2003 patch which is for AP 1.3, and it looks 
harmless, and could perhaps be integrated - are you up to provide a 
patch for trunk?

BTW. how is the cross-compilation of PCRE handled? There's a similar 
case where a build helper is needed for generating chartables.c?


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