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From Daniel Ruggeri <>
Subject Re: httpd 2.4.1 and mod_slotmem_shm / mod_proxy_balancer (AH01179)
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2012 01:01:43 GMT
On 3/6/2012 6:32 PM, Rainer Jung wrote:
> I like the idea even if the current problem will be fixed without. I
> think the locations of all created or read file can be influenced by
> configuration except for some implicit files in
> DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR, which is a build time setting. So being able
> to influence helps in post build adoption of the layout. 

Yes, this is vital. I'm still trying to grok the intention of
DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR, but if we are talking about a file used as a
mutex/shared file/etc, wouldn't NOT having such a directive or
configuration parameter cause contention between multi-instance
configurations where "httpd -c /path/to/conf1.conf" and "httpd -c
/path/to/conf2.conf" end up pointing to the same file even though they
share nothing else in common? Seems like some stepping-on-of-toes would
occur unless I'm missing something else obvious.

Daniel Ruggeri

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