Platform specific ... documentation.
Should I be thinking about writing something for AIX here, as I get it finished. Or is the README file going to be sufficient?

I am working on it, just don't expect it yesterday :)

On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 10:51 PM, Graham Leggett <> wrote:
On 18 Feb 2012, at 6:22 PM, Michael Felt wrote:

> If this is generic to builds, I would appreciate the HOWTO (link) as well as I am investigating howto build httpd with ldap support on AIX.
> One path is with openldap, other is with with itdsclient (IBM Tivoli Directory Server) support.

You would need to add the correct configure options to your apr-util build, and then the httpd build.

> Other question, while asking - what is lua support? How disappointed, or better, why will httpd admins/users be disappointed when lua is not support "out of the box"?

Lua is a programming language:

If lua is available as a package on AIX, then adding support for it should be straightforward, however it would probably be best to package mod_lua separately, so that someone installing httpd isn't forced to install lua if they don't need it.

The RPM packaging places some modules into their own dedicated packages for this reason: