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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: ******** Interesting server-status at w.a.o
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 11:50:16 GMT
On 24.02.2012 12:12, Steffen wrote:
> Looks like the hanging "L"'s, which I reported way back, which was
> investigated by Stefan

Could be but not necessarily. It depends on your MaxConnectionsPerChild 
setting. The situation at w.a.o is due to processes getting recycled. I 
sporadically watched the server-status there and the "L" situation did 
not show up for a long time. I expect the adminds did restart Apache 

If your "L"s showed up during normal operation without restart and with 
MaxConnectionsPerChild 0, then it could well be totaly unrelated. If 
they suddenly show up when your child is being recycled, then it could 
be the same reason.

 > With 2.4.1, I have not seeing the "L"'s (yet).

That's good to know. Thanks!

The more important problem at w.a.o IMHO is that those gracefully 
shutting down processes either do not terminate, or their scoreboard 
entries are not cleared.

But maybe that's also fixed with Stefan's "L" improvements. Didn't have 
time to check it. I hope infra will update to 2.4.1.



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