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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache httpd 2.4.1
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 13:59:10 GMT
On 13.02.2012 14:56, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> The 2.4.1 (candidate) tarballs are available for download and test:
> I'm calling a VOTE on releasing these as Apache httpd 2.4.1 GA.
> NOTE: The -deps tarballs are included here *only* to make life
> easier for the tester. They will not be, and are not, part
> of the official release.
>    [X] +1: Good to go
>    [ ] +0: meh
>    [ ] -1: Danger Will Robinson. And why.
> Vote will last the normal 72 hrs.

+1 for GA, but we should add some release info about current Windows 

Test Details:

- Sigs and hashes OK
- contents of tarballs identical
- contents of tag and tarballs identical
   except for expected deltas
   (we could cleanup some m4 files in apr-util/xml/expat/conftools
    at the end of buildconf, no regression)

Built on

- Solaris 8+10 Sparc as 32 Bit Binaries
- SLES 10 (32/64 Bits)
- SLES 11 (64 Bits)
- RHEL 5 and 6 (64 Bits)

- with default (shared) and static modules
- with module sets none, few, most, all, reallyall and default
   (always mod_privileges disabled)
- using --enable-load-all-modules
- against "included" APR/APU from deps tarball and
   external APR/APU 1.4.6/1.4.1

- using external libraries
   - expat 2.0.1
   - pcre 8.30
   - openssl 1.0.0g
   - lua 5.2.0
   - distcache 1.5.1
   - libxml2 2.7.8-1

- Tool chain:
     - platform gcc except for Solaris
       (gcc 4.1.2 for Solaris 8 and 4.6.2 for Solaris 10)
     - CFLAGS: -O2 -g -Wall -fno-strict-aliasing
               (and -mpcu=v9 on Solaris)

All builds succeeded except for

- SLES 10 static builds against external APR crash during
   linking httpd IMHO because of too many commandline params
   (not a regression)
   - with reallyall or all modules (32 and 64 Bits)
   - with most modules (32 Bits)

Tested for

- Solaris 8+10 (32), SLES 10 (32/64), SLES 11 (64), RHEL 5+6 (64)
- MPMs prefork, worker plus event, except for Solaris 8 (no event)
- default (shared) and static modules
- log levels info, debug and trace8
- module set reallyall

All Tests passed with the following exceptions:

a Test 5 in t/modules/dav.t:
   Very rarely the "created" time is after the "modified" time.
   This seems to be a platform issue, all tests done on NFS.
   It is also not a regression.

b Test 8 in t/ssl/pr12355.t:
   Of the dozens of runs there were two that failed this test,
   both on RHEL 5. The log says the "received" data was longer than
   the "expected". Not reproducible, very rare.
   PR 12355 is: POST incompatible w/ renegotiate https: connection

c several tests in t/modules/cgi.t:
   Fails sometimes on two platforms, SLES 11 and RHEL 6, only
   when using log level info or debug, not with trace 8.
   Seems to be the exact same thing that Stefan observed, namely a
   script log that is corrupt. Some lua snippets are in there,
   some lines are corrupt. Didn't have time to retest with Stefans patch.

d Test 139 in t/ssl/proxy.t:
   Only failed once, platform SLES 11. The backend loged:
      (70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client] 
AH01991: SSL input filter read failed.
   So could be a race condition.

a is not a regression and likely not the web servers fault, c is by 
analysis from Stefan also not a regression, and b and d are extremely 
sporadic. So overall I vote "GA".


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