On Tue, 2012-01-17 at 13:02 +0200, Graham Leggett wrote:
On 17 Jan 2012, at 10:31 AM, Noel Butler wrote:

> Build fails when using static built modules and disabling dav,  but builds fine if option to disable dav is removed.
> ie: --enable-mods-static=all --disable-dav
> in  /tmp/httpd-2.4.0/modules/dav/lock/locks.c
> undefined references to dav_new_error and dav_push_error

It looks like you disabled mod_dav, but didn't disable mod_dav_lock, which depends on mod_dav.

Ideally mod_dav_lock should be using optional functions, but we have to fix that in a number of other places already, and is therefore not a regression from v2.2.

This never was a problem in 2.2, if one disabled dav it was disabled, as it should be disabled, fully, not only in parts, here and there, granted it's now changed because modules are no longer defaulted to statically built, but plenty of admins will use this method, I also favour it (heh, obviously since I found it), so if the option to revert to old method is offered as it is via --enable-mods-static=all, then if someone disables a specific mod like dav (which some security type scanners suggest), it should be fully disabled and the build should succeed.

> and of course as others have mentioned, documentation is outdated for previous versions

Can you be specific as to where?

Without going over all docs as Tim (IIRC) and William appeared to do, the INSTALL is the most important I think for users, the file has references to 2.3, this is 2.4, also, it does not mention the need for the deps or apr is no longer included in the base package, these are fundamental issues that need to be addressed, especially the later, remember, your average apache user is NOT a coder, but a system admin, and often will little experience on doing anything else but copy and pasting a config and make and install from a cheat sheet.

Now, you might want to say, well they should read the CHANGES file. that's fair enough, if it was short and to the point, but the CHANGES file contains information relevant to coders, 98% of it means squat all to the people who actually use apache, and a look over it and README mentions nothing about requiring the deps package as well if you intend to use included apr and stuff.

At the very least the INSTALL file needs fixing, and, perhaps it is time an UPGRADE file which points from previous major to new major , eg 2.2 to 2.4 with gotyas be included in the releases,  most daemons have been doing this for a long time, and it saves a lot of headaches when the admins know the key things they need to change or prepare for, for a quick and speedy transition from old-major to new-major versions giving minimal downtime.

So I feel 2.4.0 is not ready for a GA status, these are just the issues I've come across based on how I build, others may be affected differently with their builds.