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From Tianyin Xu <>
Subject How are requested URIs translated into local resource names? (where is the "ap_run_translate_name" function?)
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 08:14:50 GMT
Hi, all,

Happy new year!!!

I'm trying to understand how are the requested URIs translated into local
resource names in Apache. For example, how does Apache know which resource
name the url "http"//XXX/image/test.png" points to. What if we use "Alias"
or "Redirect" directives?

I looked at the request.c file. It seems such job is done by the function
"ap_run_translate_name()" and "ap_run_map_to_storage()". However, I cannot
find the definition or implementation of these functions at all. It only
appears in exports.c and httpd.exp. Both of them are not the
definition/implementation of these functions.

Could anyone tell me how can I find the implementation of the function
"ap_run_translate_name" and "ap_run_map_to_storage"? Or give me some
direction or hints.

Thanks a lot for your help!!

Best regards,

Tianyin XU,

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