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From Mario Brandt <>
Subject Re: 2.4.0 GA This week?
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2012 09:26:58 GMT
I agree with Gregg, this server is the best I ever worked with. Since
one of the early betas I run it on my prod systems on windows and
*nix. Except for known issues it works like a charm.
A public beta or RC does not hurt. More testers may find some more
stuff to fix. An api freeze coulod gve the 3rd party module guys give
the time to fix and or build
their modules against coming 2.4

Go the way on releasing it for one system as GA and others as beta is
confusing in my eyes.

Just my 2 cents

> I all for stop any and all API changes other than anything that may require
> fixing these.
> I am all for RCs if it means changing the -dev is to -rc#
> I'm sorry I signed off before I realized SSL with  "AcceptFilter httpd none"
>  was still a problem on Windoze.
> Yes, Mario's mod_proxy_balancer/slotmem shm errors I am also still getting/
> Mario, I know you read this list ... chime in your PR#
> and any other possitivle showstopper that may be on any platform other than
> building  ... not that I count :)
> Other than these few ... bummers ... guys ... this is one of the best
> servers I have seen.
> Cheets
> Gregg

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