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From Steffen <>
Subject Re: ******* Re: Time for 2.4.0 GA??
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 14:34:31 GMT
Unbelievable this answer, I am stimulating users to use it and with success. I feel, you are
accusing me here and the windows community. No problem, we are continuing to let you know
what issues we discover. In principal up to you how you handle issues  Keep in mind we are
just users, no dev's. 

When you and other dev's should participate at  AL, should be good for the two worlds. 

So no way that the ASF would run a windows site, pity. 

For example I think Mario described the balancer issue quite good, but see no attention for
a long time. More examples if you want. The former ipv6 issues is the winner, years before
some give attention, even we (sob) supplied a fix. Also mod_fcgid has a fix provided by Mario,
also not picked up. AL is providing a mod_fcgid binary with three fixes, so at some point
we can solve things by ourselves. 

I already agreed to 2.4 GA, why wait so long. Not me is delaying. 

2.3 is already in hands/running of at least a few thousands  users for quite some time.  Based
on the number of downloads and the good/bad reports we get.  Special the PHP community is
a big downloader and use.   Enough to see how 2.4 should  go. I think 2.3 is great, some has
bad luck with eg.  no ssl usable. 

To run 2.3 without SSL issues, 2.2 in front(proxy) overcomes it. So no hurry to solve the


Op 16 jan. 2012 om 13:07 heeft Graham Leggett <> het volgende geschreven:

> On 16 Jan 2012, at 2:31 PM, Steffen wrote:
>> Thanks for the understanding. 
>> Experience is that win issues hardly land in the status. Mostly the answer is make
a bug report, and it is of the table and sitting as reported bug for a very long time. Take
for example the serious bug from Mario about the balancer in 2.3. An other are the mod_fcgid
>> Also I cannot believe  that eg the rewrite p issue was/is(?) only win. 
>> I propose that the ASF is also going to run windows on one of the heavier/complex
 sites !!  Maybe a vote on that can started.  Please consider. 
> The best way to find and fix the Windows bugs is to get the code into the hands of the
Windows users, and to do that we must release v2.4.0 as soon as possible.
> Trying to delay the release indefinitely until an arbitrary list of bugs is fixed is
counterproductive - you're just keeping the code out of the hands of those who are able to
either describe the problem in enough detail that it can be reproduced, or those who could
potentially fix the problem and submit the fix to us.
> The "dot zero" in "2.4.0" is well understood.
> Regards,
> Graham
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