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From Tim Bannister <>
Subject Re: Include strangeness
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2012 23:25:55 GMT
On 22 Jan 2012, at 18:14, Stefan Fritsch wrote:

> I have conf/extra/httpd-userdir.conf and a directory conf/original (without httpd-userdir.conf
in it). This makes
> Include conf/*/httpd-userdir.conf
> fail
> even though the whole Include statement does match one file. I think this makes directory
wildcards a lot less useful with Include. Is this intentional or an implementation quirk?
Of course, one can always use IncludeOptional...

Can of worms or not, I worry that releasing 2.4.x means setting this behaviour in stone. Until
2.6 comes out, at least.

Without writing a line of code, committers can agree on what the /expected/ behaviour is and
document that for the release. Code to implement this can follow later.

If this triggers a long, unhappy discussion then I would regret posting. On the other hand,
if Stefan's question leads to a better experience for httpd users, that's really great.

Tim Bannister –

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