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From Daniel Ruggeri <>
Subject SSL and windows with AcceptFilter https none
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 15:37:29 GMT
   I have submitted PR 52476 to track and document this bug. I've
uploaded the logs from my tests where I was able to duplicate the problem.

   Initially I was just setting up my testbed and hitting to
make sure the small LWP script can duplicate the problem and help track
it down... it was trival to reproduce the bug on this Winsows 7 x64
installation. Since I was able to reproduce quickly, I never got past
testing on local IP's, though this should suffice since it's technically
running through the TCP stack just as well.

   I was able to reproduce inconsistently in Firefox 8.0.1 and IE 8
after enabling AcceptFilter https none. I was able to consistently
reproduce the error with openssl-based clients (LWP and openssl
s_client). The common error across all clients is a complaint with the
ClientHello message. I was not able to find a failure where partial
content was served - it was all or nothing for me at an SSL connection

   I don't have the expertise to dig into this one, but since several
folks have been unable to reproduce the problem, I'll be happy to serve
as a testing ground.

Daniel Ruggeri

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