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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Proposal: adoption of mod_combine subproject
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2011 18:27:04 GMT
Hi all,

As with mod_firehose and mod_policy, I have concluded negotiation with the BBC to open source
some httpd modules that I wrote under the AL, and the BBC have very kindly agreed to donate
the code to the ASF[1], which I believe would fit well as a subproject of httpd, and would
like to know whether httpd would accept these.

To be clear, this isn't a "code dump", my intention is to continue to develop and support
this moving forward, and hopefully expand the community around them.

- mod_combine: "Response concatenation"

As a page gets more complex, and eventually parts of the page like the header and footer become
maintained by separate teams, the elements that make up a page can become fragmented. In the
process, you can end up with a page that takes ages to load, because lots of fragments of
javascript or fragments of CSS files are being downloaded separately by the browser.

mod_combine is a handler that allows multiple URLs hosted by the server to be concatenated
together and delivered as a single response, cutting down on the number of requests, and in
turn the page loading time.

At the same time, mod_combine attempts to behave sensibly when one or more of the files is
missing, so as not to amplify a failure. The handler also properly supports conditional requests,
creating a "super ETag", and then reversing it to apply conditional requests on each element
being concatenated.

The code is currently packaged as an RPM, wrapped in autotools, and a snapshot is available

The corresponding README documenting in more detail is here:

The code itself is here:

Obviously the expectation is for the documentation to be completed and fleshed out.



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