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From rajasun <>
Subject Re: Issue in building Apache 2.2.21 src in AIX 7.1 with GCC.
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2011 06:11:19 GMT

>> httpd  modules.lo buildmark.o -export-dynamic -Wl,-uXML_Parse
>But seriously, what is this ^ -- What's -Wl,-uXML_Parse ?
>Effectively this is an LDFLAG -uXML_Parse - but what's that do?
>Why is it there?
>According to:
>  -uName    Prevents garbage collection of the external symbol Name.
>            If the specified symbol does not exist, a warning is
>            reported. You can repeat this flag.

Am not an expert in the AIX loader. So unable to answer to your query. 
These flags are automatically added by configure script & no special
settings is done in the build environment for them to appear. 

>Why don't you add -bloadmap or -bnoquiet to LDFLAGS and see
>what the linker suggests? - Maybe it already knows what's up
I did not add these flags.. But on further analysis it appears that there
was an expat header file in the include path which is of version 2.x.x. But
the expat library finally linked though was from Apache src (1.95.x). That
is why this mismatch had happened.  

After installing libexpat 2.x.x library separately, I am able to compile the
Apache src cleanly.
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