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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Small things to do
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2011 21:10:06 GMT

yesterday at the Dover Arms pub, we discussed what needs to be done for 
2.4 and we came up with a list of things that would be nice, but are 
definitely not blockers for GA:

- fix ssl session cookie stuff (Paul volunteered)
- fix the bug in mod_authn_socache that I brought up on the list recently 
(I will do that unless Nick beats me to it)
- Rainer wanted to check some pcre linking issues, but I don't remember 
the exact details
- check the list of modules that are loaded by default; I think we may 
want to downgrade some of them
- check that the default config has all necessary <IfModule> statements
- chack that the values the default config are identical with the built-in 
compiled values, where applicable
- check that the sizing default values in the config are reasonable
- make some performance comparison with 2.2.x
- convince some more people to install it on their production servers 

- there was also the question if we want to change the default config so 
that there is sep
- Bill brought up having a switch to load all modules, for the benefit of 
the test framework (I will do that)

- There are some entries in the blockers list in STATUS, which are 
actually not blockers but nice-to-have IMHO:

   * The mod_session* modules need to be checked that their hooks respect
     the returning of int (HTTP status codes) and apr_status_t as appropriate,
     and any anomolies fixed.
     jim sez: from what I can see, mod_session* is no worse that other
              modules that mix these 2 types... clean up is
              forthcoming but should not be considered a blocker, imo
     pgollucci: +1 jim
     wrowe asks: what's the API change required?
     wrowe asks; why are we shipping this if it requires apr_ssl

   * mod_ssl's proxy support only allows one proxy client certificate per
     frontend virtual host. Lift this restriction.
     jim sez: Why a blocker?, pgollucci +1 jim
     wrowe asks: what's the API change required?


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