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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: Fwd: svn commit: r1197405 - in /httpd/httpd/trunk: CHANGES docs/manual/upgrading.xml modules/filters/mod_substitute.c
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2011 02:14:49 GMT
On Sun, 6 Nov 2011, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
>>>> Isn't it sufficient to reduce space_left only by repl_len?
>>>> IMHO we only allocate repl_len new memory in ap_pregsub_ex and not len
>>>> + repl_len or am I wrong here?
>> Any comment on that?
> That was also supposed to cause the line length to be limited instead of the 
> length of the replacement. But you are right, this is not correct. I will 
> look at it during the hackathon.

I have looked more closely, and the code is actually correct. It's purpose 
is not to limit new memory allocation but the line length. I have added a 
few comments in r1199060 which hopefully make the intentions clear.

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