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From Daniel Ruggeri <>
Subject Re: Proposal: error codes
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2011 14:49:31 GMT
On 11/27/2011 8:34 AM, Rich Bowen wrote:
> At Apachecon several of us were discussing how error messages could be made more helpful
without making them paragraphs. Two suggestions were made - adding a URL to the message or
adding a number/code to each error that would then be looked up for more information.
> Any thoughts on 1) the wisdom of this and 2) the method of assigning codes?
> I've long considered error messages to be documentation and would live to see the log
files be one step more helpful. 
> --
> Rich Bowen

This sounds like a cool idea. I think making the error code something
distinct that a crawler on the web would find is important - making it
that much easier for someone who plugs in the error message they get
into their favorite search engine. A good example, though probably not
intentional, are some of the error messages thrown in openssl. Because
those strings just don't show up by accident on the web, it makes
finding those error numbers a bit less of a chore... and with having
real documentation behind them, might actually be helpful unlike some of
those many "I get this error, please help" messages on the web.

Also, we should consider format. Wiki or doc? There are so many messages
that could be thrown that crowdsourcing the documentation for it may
allow us to cover more bases.

Daniel Ruggeri

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