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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Effective IP address / real IP address
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2011 13:24:38 GMT
Hi all,

Right now, we only keep track of the real IP address of the incoming  
connection within conn_rec, and with a simple webserver that's fine.

In a world containing load balancers, we now have the real IP address  
(the load balancer) and the effective IP address (the IP that  
connected to the load balancer) for the request. And in restful  
service architectures, you might have requests that have passed  
through a few load balancers on their way, making the "effective IP  
address" even more murky.

Right now, modules that handle this attempt to overwrite the contents  
of conn_rec, which is really ugly - requests shouldn't be fiddling  
with the parent connection.

Ideally, what I'd like is a way for httpd to keep track of both the  
real IP address (the one in conn_rec) and an optional effective IP  
address, and use each appropriately. It will then be up to module  
authors to write modules to set the effective IP address as their  
needs dictate.

Most specifically, what I have in mind is this:

- Add a hook ap_get_effective_ip() (or similar).
- With a default APR_HOOK_LAST implementation that just returns the IP  
from conn_rec.
- Update the authz modules to use this hook to get the IP instead of  
reading conn_rec directly.
- Add the ability to log the effective IP address in additional to the  
existing real IP address to the logging code.

This should in theory be really simple to implement, and opens the  
door for future people to choose an effective IP as they see fit.



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