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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Make loglevel of "File does not exist" configurable
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2011 18:00:53 GMT

I think this one has been controversial in the past, therefore I thought 
I'd ask for comments before making this change:

The "File does not exist" log messages are logged at level error, while 
not providing additional information over the 404 access log line (at 
least in many setups). There have been requests to lower the loglevel for 
these messages (PR 35768), which have been denied in the past because of 
compatibility and "it's an error". The per-module loglevels help not much, 
because most of the "File does not exist" messages come from core, and one 
usually does not want to set LogLevel core:crit.

I therefore intend to add a LogLevelFileNotFound config directive that 
allows to make it configurable and a "int 
ap_loglevel_file_not_found(request_rec *)" API that allows modules to 
query the setting. I think per-virtual server would be enough for the 
setting, but with this API that could be changed to per-dir later on.

Any objections?


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