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From Micha Lenk <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy_html
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2011 21:28:58 GMT

Am 11.10.2011 00:37, schrieb Aaron Bannert:
> I've been working with mod_proxy_html for the last few months, and I
> think this would be a good addition to HTTPD. mod_proxy_html could
> also benefit from some better collaboration, and I personally have
> some bug fixes and improvements lined up that I could provide. I
> don't know what the tradeoffs are between having it be a normal
> included module or a subproject module, does anyone have any
> insight?


Me too. I have some patches for mod_proxy_html around that I would like
to contribute. For instance I have a nice patch that lets it
automatically detect whether the parsed document is XHTML or HTML and
automatically switches to the appropriate output mode. This is
especially usefull for websites with mixed HTML and XHTML documents...

Regarding httpd integration I don't care. I could live with both,
mod_proxy_html being a separate module or released as part of httpd.


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