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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: upgraded to 2.3.15-dev-r116760
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 23:58:28 GMT
On Thursday 20 October 2011, Daniel Shahaf wrote:

> I gathered some stats on Mon/Tue when mail-archives.a.o traffic was
> routed entirely to aurora.a.o (our EU mirror).  This morning I
> installed current HEAD mod_mbox on eos, after flipping the DNS
> back yesterday, and graceful'd the server.
> Right now I see httpd processes with around 3GB memory in top,
> whereas in three different 'while sleep 5 && $i++ < 5000' samples
> taken prior to flipping the DNS I see exactly one process having
> exceeded 1600MB memory (to 1613MB).

mod_mbox seems to use significant memory (i.e. a few MBs) for doing 
threading on large mboxes. Also, it reads the a mail it displays into 
memory in one chunk. Both could lead to the maximum memory used per 
request increasing compared to mod_mbox not being used. And because of 
the allocator behaviour I have described in a previous mail, this 
could lead to the process size increasing. I would be really 
interested how the memory usage changes if you set MaxMemFree.

> I'm not aware of differences other than flipping the DNS and
> upgrading the mod_mbox version to include the last week's fixes.

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