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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: httpd should be able to reopen log files without a restart.
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 14:39:49 GMT

On 11 Oct 2011, at 3:16 AM, crocket wrote:

> When some softwares(including stunnel) receive SIGUSR1, they reopen a
> log file without re-reading configuration files or restarting.
> Since httpd uses SIGUSR1 for graceful restart, it could use SIGUSR2
> purely for reopening log files.
> Why do people need this signal?
> A graceful restart doesn't kill active children processes, and those
> processes still write on an old log file.
> logrotate can be configured to compress old log files, in which case
> httpd would try to write onto a compressed log file.
> Since httpd can't log to a file, it would show abnormal behaviors or
> even abort downloads from httpd.

A signal is unlikely to be enough.

Logfiles are opened using the permissions of the parent process, by  
the time a child runs the child no longer has access to the file, and  
does not have permission to close and reopen it.

If the parent received the signal, it would have no option but to  
replace the children (which is what gets done now), but because we  
want to do this gracefully, we allow the current set of children to  
run to completion. The alternative is to abort the request, and  
generally that's bad.

In our environments we work around this problem by using the fuser  
command to tell us whether anybody (ie httpd) has a logfile open  
before we attempt to compress it. If no, we go ahead. If yes, we wait  
till the top of the next hour, and try and compress it then.


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